About TCA

We don't believe "one size fits all". That's why we offer tailor made Mandarin Classes in Toronto!

About Toronto Chinese Academy

Toronto Chinese Academy has more than 16 years of experience in teaching Mandarin for Adults.

TCA offers 5 levels (15 Modules) of general Mandarin classes – from absolute beginner with no Chinese language skills to extremely advanced level.
We offer more than ten different subjects. Students can choose from a variety of classes, including conversation, listening, reading, writing, communication, and pronunciation.

Students can also choose to study in an Exam Preparation Chinese (HSK, AP Chinese, & SAT2), Business Chinese course and Executive Chinese Course… At TCA we offer programs that meet all of our students’ needs.

Proven Successful Teaching Method!

Why Study In Toronto Chinese Academy

1. Classes are small; Maximum 4 students per class.
2. All teachers are certified and have exceptional experience in teaching Mandarin.
3. Students will make rapid progress towards fluency with a course at their level, tailored    to their needs.
4. Every student’s progress is monitored from day one and they receive regular feedback throughout the course.
5. At school students are immersed in real-life situations and interactions within a Chinese – speaking environment, and Practice Mandarin every Friday night.

6. TCA is able to give each student personal attention and help with any questions or problems about learning Mandarin.
7. Students are encouraged to come lesson early or study after class to browse Chinese texts, novels and comic books, and drink tea.
8. More than 10 different Elective Classes to choose from.
9. New Classes start every other Monday giving student’s great flexibility in planning their programs.
10. You may take the same module up to twice within a year free of charge if needed!!


1.How large are the classes?
The maximum class size is 4 for the group lesson.

2.When the class will be starting?
Our students can pick up the start date according to their own needs, and the class schedule can be adjustable after the start as well. but all the students in our school come into our office to have a free assessment and registration in advance.

3.How often would classes be?
once a week, twice a week, three times a week or more according to their own schedule. and even adjustable after the class started.

4.Do I need to come in person to one of your locations?
Yes! Since our classes are highly customized upon the students. and we have different approach for Cantonese speaker and English speakers, In order to know what is available for you and help us better understand your need, a free assessment in our centre is necessary. the assessment usually takes 30 minutes.

5.When are the assessment done?
the assessment can be done any time (Mon ~ Sun) between 9am and 9pm, but please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange a time for your assessment.

6.I have a very limited Chinese vocabulary, would this affect how I learn?
Your Chinese level won’t affect your study, but in order to get the best result, we need to know how much you can speak exactly.

7.I am interested in having conversational Mandarin lessons, Is this possible?
Our classes are highly focused on conversation in Level1 (Module1 & 2) without Chinese characters.

8.I am interested in learning Mandarin. I can speak Cantonese, but I was born and raised in Canada so even my Cantonese is not that great and I can not read or write. I was wondering if I should take the Mandarin course for Cantonese speakers, or should I just take the general Mandarin course?

Most Cantonese speakers born in Canada usually start with the General Mandarin course, but I won’t decide until we know your actual level. we have different approach for Cantonese speaker and English speakers, so a free assessment in our centre is necessary.

9.I’m interested in taking Mandarin lessons during my spare time. However, my work schedule is always changing. I was wondering if I was to attend the Group Lessons, would I be able to drop-in to whichever time-slot I would be available to attend? Or would I have to attend the same time slot every time?
You certainly can attend a group lesson and do not have to fix the term if you can’t.
The classes are very flexible at our school, many our students here are doing as same as you say.

10.While mandarin is being taught in the class do you teach using Chinese characters?
We teach in characters for the students who have reached certain Level, e.g HSK 2.

11.Also do you provide receipts for the lessons and are they tax receipts?
We do provide receipts for the lessons and they are tax receipts.