Step 1  Encouragement

You will never feel embarrassed about speaking in Chinese when your professional teachers are smiling and encouraging you. You’ll surprise yourself by speaking a little Chinese very well after just a couple of hours of learning.

Step 2  Confidence

You can speak more and more Chinese easily, and the Chinese can understand what you say. This builds your confidence in your ability. This is your second step to success.

Step 3  Excitement

Encouragement + Confidence, interesting lessons and topics immerse you so much that you forget your surroundings. You are excited about all the new information, and realize that it is realistic to hope that you’ll be able to learn to speak Chinese perfectly.

Step 4  Effort

Once you’re realized that you will be able to learn Chinese perfectly, you are spurred on to study hard. You make every effort to speak Chinese Whenever you can.

Step 5  Success

The equation is obvious: Teacher’s Effort + your Effort = Your Excellent Chinese!!!