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Monthly Intensive Mandarin Immersion Program

Toronto Chinese Academy

Monthly Intensive Mandarin Immersion Program

Who takes this class?

This 15 days intensive Mandarin immersion program is designed for someone who wants to advance their Mandarin skills in a short period of time.

This intensive program consists of 45 hours of class of at least 3 hours class everyday within three weeks.

This course covers content in both General Mandarin and Business Chinese, accommodating students with Cantonese backgrounds or those preparing for exams.

Whether you have a foundation in Chinese or not, choosing this course will help you rapidly enhance your spoken Chinese abilities in a short period.

This course is suitable for individuals who can dedicate anywhere from one to three weeks entirely to learning, such as those on vacation or students during summer breaks.

Whether or not you have a foundation in Chinese, as long as you want to strengthen your spoken Chinese proficiency in a short period, this course will help you improve quickly.

Why should I learn this class?

In the process of learning Chinese, people are bound to encounter setbacks several times. These setbacks may sometimes occur at the initial stage, sometimes at the end of the beginner or intermediate levels, and even at the advanced stage, there may be bottlenecks. At such times, if you undergo intensive training, you can quickly overcome obstacles and elevate your language proficiency to another level. This is one of the effective strategies.

What is there to learn?

At each stage, there are some differences in what needs to be learned and practiced, and we observe the situations of the students. Adjustments are made as needed. Typically, challenges arise when there is confusion in sentence structure, mix-up of vocabulary, or difficulty in using language appropriately in different contexts.

Where can I take the class?

You can choose one or a combination of three methods: 'attend classes in our office,' 'online classes,' or 'self-study on our website with professional guidance from our teachers.'

Currently, we have three offices available for students to choose for attending classes in the Greater Toronto Area.

For online teaching, we primarily use Skype.

Our introduced method of 'self-study on our website with professional guidance from our teachers' can meet various scholars' different requirements in terms of study time, learning progress, and finances. Our teachers' professional guidance can help you save time, achieve continuous improvement, maintain motivation, and boost confidence.

How many people are in each class?

Whether it's in-person or online, in our Group Classes. There is a maximum of five students in each Group Class, you get more attention from the teacher and more opportunity to practice your Mandarin speaking. Each class lasts for one and a half hours.

Private classes have only one student at a time, and the class schedule is more flexible, with each class also lasting for one hour.

What is the cost?

    General Mandarin Intensive Group Course

   3 Weeks , 15 hours/week

   $1,368 + HST

When does it start?

April 8 ~ April 26, 2024

April 29 ~ May 18, 2024

May 27 ~ Jun 14, 2024

Jul 8 ~ Jul 26, 2024

Aug 12 ~ Aug 30, 2024

How is the class?

April 8 ~ April 26, 2024

April 29 ~ May 18, 2024

May 27 ~ Jun 14, 2024

Jul 8 ~ Jul 26, 2024

Aug 12 ~ Aug 30, 2024

How do I start?

You can start by sending us a 'Consultation Appointment' request; Book a Free Consultation

After receiving your application, we will schedule a meeting time based on the information you provide and send you an email to await confirmation.

After the consultation, you can decide whether to take classes or not.

If you decide to take classes, we will inform you about the payment details to start your classes.

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