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Through our 20 years of experience teaching Mandarin in North America we have developed proven learning materials and teaching techniques that achieve the highest standard in Chinese Language Proficiency.

Students who have devoted time to acquiring a faulty foundation are actually more likely to run into trouble than students who have never spoken a Chinese word in their life. 

Toronto Chinese Academy professional teamwork keeps you making rapid and steady progress.

Because we care about every student’s progress, we closely monitor the lessons and make adjustments accordingly.

20 Years of Experience Our experience ensures that your learning keeps on track and that you can overcome frustrations smoothly. 

If you’re willing to put in the effort, we can help you reach your goals!

We're Result Oriented

” If you’ve been being trying hard and following our instructions, but still can’t master the material for a particular class, don’t worry! If you’re in that situation, you can retake that group class free of charge! Actually, at various times, all students find themselves needing some kind of extra help to improve their Mandarin, and we’re always ready to help.”

Amy Hong

Director of Toronto Chinese Academy

Toronto Chinese Academy

Mandarin Language Courses

  • General Mandarin Courses
  • Business Mandarin Courses
  • Mandarin Course For Cantonese Speakers

Students who have devoted themselves to acquiring a faulty foundation are actually more likely to run into trouble than those who have never spoken a Chinese word in their life. Learning lists of vocabulary may also seem like a good strategy, but without a firm grasp of Chinese language structures, this, too, is next to useless! Without that firm foundation, it’s like building a house upon the sand.


General Mandarin Courses

  • General Mandarin Classes
  • Chinese Character Classes
  • Chinese Exam Preparation Courses
  • Intensive Mandarin Immersion Program
  • Weekly Intensive General Mandarin Group Courses
Our Beginner students quickly understand how to use Chinese language structures, and reinforce these skills by using the most practical vocabulary for work and life. How to read and write Chinese characters is introduced late in our Elementary level, once basic skills have been instilled. Students who reach our Proficient level are fully confident communicating in everyday life, giving workplace presentations, and more. They also have the foundation to guide their future learning in new areas.

Business Mandarin Courses

  • General Business Mandarin Classes
  • Mandarin Classes for Real Estate
  • Mandarin Classes for Banking and Investment
  • Mandarin Classes for Retail Industry
  • Mandarin Classes for Travelers
  • On-Site Chinese Classes for Corporations

Lessons Toronto Chinese Academy provides various Mandarin courses for Business. Professionals learn best when the lessons focus on topics related to their business, and there is no single book that offers everything they need to build a solid Chinese language foundation for this purpose. Here at Toronto Chinese Academy, we highly customize lessons to students’ interests and needs, based on our extensive experience.

Mandarin Course for Cantonese Speakers

  • Chinese Pinyin Class
  • Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers

Mandarin class for Cantonese speaker course aims to develop participants’ competence in understanding and speaking Mandarin (pǔ tōng huà). This course is devised specifically for students who are Cantonese Speakers. The course concentrates on pronunciation and basic sentence structure using Hànyǔ Pīnyīn to enable students to learn standard Mandarin.


There are three different levels. Each divided into 3 or 4 sessions. Each session usually takes 9 hours to complete. It requires approximately 90 hours of lessons at Toronto Chinese Academy to reach the Advanced Level.

Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Levels

At the Toronto Chinese Academy, your proficiency in Chinese is determined not by your reading ability, but primarily by your oral skills, namely, your ability to speak Mandarin fluently with correct structures and grammar at a certain level.

Find Mandarin Classes Near Me

Three offices + Online

to learn Mandarin at Toronto Chinese Academy

Currently, we have three offices in the Toronto area. You can attend classes at any of our offices, or you can choose a combination of online and in-person classes.

Toronto chinese academy toronto chinese academy

In-office Class

The traditional face-to-face teaching method is suitable for most people. This learning method makes it easy to concentrate, has high learning efficiency, and progresses quickly. Currently, we have three locations available for students in the Greater Toronto Area to choose from.

Toronto chinese academy toronto chinese academy

Online Class

Online teaching is also suitable for some students, especially those who have inconvenient transportation or irregular work schedules.

Toronto chinese academy toronto chinese academy

Self-study + Teacher's assistant (Coming Soon)

For students who are not able to attend classes for various reasons, we have introduced the self-study + Professional assistant teaching method. This learning method is particularly suitable for students who want to have control over their own learning progress.

Schedule and fees

  • We have a variety of classes every day from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM at different locations.
  • Students can start classes about one week after registration and payment, regardless of when they sign up.
  • We have new classes starting every week.


Starts from

268.00 CAD/session

Package Discounts Available